About Us

Group for Social & Technical Development Service (GSTDS) is non-profit organization working in Nepal. It has been established on 2059 BS (2002 AD). Since it’s commencing point, this NGO has been mobilizing youth’s strength for community development with the main slogan, ‘wake up to construct civilized society, “Serve suffered one to be in heaven. “This organization is commencing and implementing its community welfare service program for the upliftment and equality of victimized class people like Dalits, Women, Janjati and backwards people with the assistance of donor agencies and Its own Endeavour for capacity building, to improve income source and to launch creative social service program throughout the district. Our Vision, Mission and Goal are as below;


This organization is completely devoted for social justice, sustainable economic development, construct environmental matched society and conservation of biological resources and culture.


The main mission of this organization is to launch active public participation program to improve the lifestyle of backwards class people, Dalits, Janajatis, women with the co-operation of social methodology and a group of youths empowerment camping.

It also assists in the field of community developments deeds, agriculture, irrigation, forest, environment, tourism, education, clean drinking water, and sanitation, sports, children, disable, orphan, proletariat, poor war suffered and in the field of utilizing local resources and bio-energy.


The main motto of this organization is to utilize local means and resources for the construction of well-balanced society and for bringing unprecedented changes in the life hood of backward class people by lunching gender equality program, social equality program and public supportive program to assist them.


On the basis of public wish and interest, it vows to keep sustainable relation with national and international organizations for launching income-generating activities and developing financial and social improvements activities. To maintain justice and equality, to uplift the life of oppressed class people throughout the country, it carries the following objectives:-

  • To provide assistance to modernization and scientism in the sector of agriculture, livestock, forestry and environment.
  • To assist by implementing awareness and sustainable programs regarding education, health and nutrition and HIV/AIDS.
  • To support conduction of awareness program on GESI, Women and Children and disadvantaged groups.
  • To support on community development by supporting physical infrastructures and disaster management methods.
  • To enhance the mutual co-operation and insightful strengthen among the group of people with the aim of sharing assistance.
  • To develop economic, social, cultural, religious and technical sector throughout the country, it aims to mobilize local resources with adopting the views of collaboration and cooperation acquiring the concept of development to go ahead.
  • To build conscious awareness positively in the sector of degrading environment.
  • To increase mutual cooperation in among the national and international institution to exchange common aims and good assistance.


  • By uplifting the socially backward class people, it aims to provide public conscious, to those people who are deprived from acquiring skillful trainings and income generating trainings.
  • For the organization’s specific objectives fulfillment, it aims to submit its proposal in every national and international co-operative organizations on the basis of agreement and accomplish it on the basis of agreement.
  • For the regularity and sustainability of the running program, it aims to mobilize community groups.
  • It aims to start new program like capacity developing program for social mobilizer.